What is Transitional Housing?

  • March 22, 2019

Transitional housing is a temporary shelter for those suffering homelessness, job loss, domestic violence, or substance abuse. They take in the people who need it and not only give them a place to stay, but they also give training, job opportunities, and counseling to ensure that their occupants get back up on their feet.

Transitional housing in Maryland can either be faith based or non-religious, and many of them either operate on donations or are nonprofit. They don’t turn anyone away because of money, and the transitional housing is there for people no matter what. You can stay for either two months or two years depending on your situation, and you’ll be protected and encouraged every step of the way.

For more serious problems, such as domestic violence, the staff at the housing is trained and equipped to deal with the problems that begin abused can provide. They will get you back on your feet, physically and emotionally.

Transitional housing in Maryland

The meaning of transitional

Transitional housing does live up to its name, as it attempts to bring people out of their former life by helping them fix whatever problems they had before. Then they transition them to a new life free of those problems. The occupants of the transitional shelter aren’t supposed to live in the shelter forever, but are supposed to use the housing as a tool to get where they need to go.

The staff are like parents to a college kid, they will love you and support you unconditionally, but will also try to get you out as soon as possible. That way you can stand on your own and become the person you were meant to be.

Without transitional housing, we’d have a lot less success stories, and a lot less hope for the people who just need a little help.